Gelpearl branded Gel Beads Air Freshener use non-toxic colorfast gel beads, harmless food dye, natural essence and deodorant to assure not only users' safety but slight and effective aroma as well. The gel beads, as known as high absorbent polymer or sodium polyacrylate, are produced by CSI gel beads factory.

  • Item No. CS-AF-02
    Material:  Gel Beads, PVC
    Weight: 130g
    Size: 8.8*7*8.8cm



    - Made from natural resin, non-toxic, odorless, biodegradable freshener

    - The most suitable size for air freshener is 2.0-2.5mm

    - Various perfume specifications are available, such as lemon, jasmine, rose, lavender and etc.

    - A new way to scent your home, living room, bathroom, hotel, car, office, bar, public health and other places.



    1. Usable in many places. CSI branded Gel Bead Air Freshener can be placed in living room, toilet, shower room, meeting room, shade places in car, etc.

    2. Easy to use. 

        Step 1 - Open the lid.

        Step 2 - Rive the foil. 

        Step 3 - Bring back the lid and screw down.

    3. Control aroma lasting time by adjust the opening width at the foil.     

Air freshener CS-AF-02

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