Statistics show that frozen food increased by about 10% per year of our country. However, refrigerated food transport rate of our country is only about 15% while 80%~90% of developed countries, which indicates not only a big gap between our cold chain market and that of developed countries, but that our cold chain logistics is needed to be developed.
Along with rising of the living standards, the demand of refrigerated food increases and the market of cold chain logistics gradually reveals. Local governments and companies begin to consciously put cold chain logistics as a "Blue Ocean" to develop and exploit.
a. Favorable policy environment of cold chain
b. Standards continue to improve and the industry threshold will be gradually built
c. Steadily growth of cold chain market
d. Reasonable growth of cold chain infrastructure and overall level will be improved
e. Share of traditional cold chain business will decrease and new opportunities occur.
f. With capital strength, cold chain enterprises will develop fastly
g. Fresh electricity supplier is still hot, O2O is popular, but worries appear
h. With Internet+, cold chain industry mode innovates continuously

2016 Eight trends of chinese cold chain industry
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